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An Open Letter to the Girl Who Will Marry My Son BAY t
your teen
Mother consoling heartbroken daughter
Girl Scout Cassandra Levesque, 17, of New Hampshire
Associated Press
There were almost 200 child brides in the state in four years
Living in a Loveless Marriage: Will My Marriage Ever Get Better?
Hannah Blatch is pictured with her son Max, 2, and daughter Lily, 4
... will open in a new window. Close share panel. Benjamin Netanyahu with sons Yair (left) and Avner
65-year-old man "marries" 12-year-old girl in
Motherhood, it's a role that scares many women today and so, they put it on buffer till they feel they are 'ready'. In fact, it isn't just about mothers but ...
Getty Images. You're amazing. That's a ...
Sherry Johnson, who was forced to marry her rapist aged 11, inspired the bill
Worried about the future: Gillian, 69, with her son, Stephen, who
TALLAHASSEE, Florida — In Florida's halls of power, Sherry Johnson is somewhat of an anomaly: a black woman who grew up destitute and survived child abuse.
Steve Debenport
Jerry Brown passed a law this week that establishes new regulations for marriages involving
Johnson found an ally in Lauren Book, a Florida state senator who is a co
Malaysia passed a law on sexual offences against children but did not criminalise child marriage
Stephanie van Niekerk (in front) with her wife. Image supplied. ~
The couple on their wedding day in 2006. Writing in her book documenting her fertility
eye donor letter
paying child support for a child that is not mine florida
'Don't sell your soul for a Japanese man' | The Japan Times
More than 200,000 children were married in the US between 2000 and 2015.
Justice minister claims campaigners were 'distorting' the issue and denied the bill legitimised rape
Dealing with difference: When her boyfriend, Daisuke Oumiya, was transferred from Sapporo to distant Fukuoka, Amanda
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A Muslim couple and their toddler at Masjid al-Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
British-born Kim West, who says she is now in a relationship with her
Heather Harpham with her partner Brian.
Inside Bulgaria's traditional 'bridal market' where teen girls are 'sold' for hundreds of dollars
End child marriage by educating and empowering girls
Sai and me at a university graduation party in 2012. (Hina Husain)
A girl gets married every 2 seconds somewhere in the world
Quentin Roosevelt
She's only 12, but her father is already planning her wedding
China's former child brides refuse to be silenced
Aisha as a child with her parents Mohammed and her mother Barkat
Gillian and Roy's marriage has lasted: But they've had a difficult time raising
My parents raised me with a culturally-sanctioned checklist. Sai met none of the requirements. (Hina Husain)
mother and adult daughter walking holding hands
Karen Cross regrets leaving her first love and mistook contentment for unhappiness
At the picnic, Melinda gave Bill her number and told him to call her closer to the day he had in mind.
'I bedded 12 strangers in a year — with my husband's permission'
Wives bear as much responsibility as husbands. We have the power to make a home
"Is That Your Child?" Stories of White Moms of Biracial Kids | Psychology Today
Father and daughter had baby together, wanted to marry | Daily Mail Online
Syrian refugee Omayma al Hushan (left), 14, who launched an initiative against
Depressed woman holding her head, thinking, "I don't want to get
Woman looking in mirror
A Letter to My Alcoholic Father
Aisha Khan, whose parents are first cousins, has lost siblings to genetic problems
How we found our stories of child marriage
John Ritter
A woman pays attention to her iPhone while seated in a Starbucks coffee shop on Dec. 16 in New York. (Mark Lennihan/AP)
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Shane at 15: Meet a child groom
'My son is mentally ill,' so listen up - CNN.com
Delayed milestones: Stephen didn't walk until he was five
A breakup doesn't have to mean a divorce and long periods separated from children
Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)
Missouri is a destination wedding spot — for 15-year-old brides
Many Missouri child brides may have married their rapists | The Kansas City Star
She soon discovered that there was a name for the phenomenon surrounding her devastating grief and the toll it takes on those left behind
Photo A strange and lengthy Hollywood marriage: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Photo
A closeup photo of Madonna with shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, wearing a colorful
How To Set Boundaries With A Narcissist If You Can't Go No Contact
So sweet and literally what I'd like my future husband to say to me. | Billy | Pinterest | Love Quotes, Quotes an…
Johnson has become a public speaker on child marriage. Here, she watches a video
THE traditional custom of lobola, also known as “bride-price” or “bride-worth”, may sometimes be misunderstood by western eyes but in African culture, ...
'It's been 11 years since Matthew and I last spoke, I have to accept. '
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partner was sexually abused
Jewish couple Image copyright Thinkstock. The anxiety was expressed in an open letter ...
An Open Letter To American Muslims on Same-Sex Marriage
Farah would have had to consummate her halala marriage
Jerry Lewis at his Hand and Footprint ceremony at the TCL Theater in Hollywood in 2014. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)
John Stockley spoke to Woman's Hour about trying to fit in
Maria-Louise Warne at her home in France: She spent 26 years in a
An African-American GI dancing with a white girl at the Bouillabaisse Club in London's
Pregnant, she married at 15: 'I would hate for my babies to grow
'My son is mentally ill,' so listen up - CNN.com
A college student sends her parents a letter filled with disastrous news.
The Compelling Memoirs You Have To Read
Father and daughter had baby together, wanted to marry | Daily Mail Online
FILE - In a March 29, 1951 file photo, actor-comedian Dean Martin